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2016-8-8 & 0183; Move over maple vs. rosewood argument: We now have to talk about nickel silver vs. stainless steel frets Fret Material Pros and Cons. Nickel Silver Pros: As mentioned above nickel silver is the traditional wire used on the beloved classic electric guitars made in the '50s and '60s. Guitar players tend to be funny creatures.

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2018-12-7 & 0183; I prefer nickel wound for tone on my Super Pro with metal necks. I used Ernie Ball Nickel Wounds for over 35 years. Last couple years I have been using Live Steel Nickel Wounds. They sound good but I may go back to Ernie Balls over the winter. I did experiment with many other brands over the years but I always ended up back with Ernie Balls.

Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Ernie Ball

These strings provide brighter tone and longer string life due to stainless steel's inherent anti-corrosive properties. These bass strings are available in four different 4-string gauges. Ernie Ball along with George Fullerton created one of the world's first modern acoustic bass guitars in the early 1970s.

Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Nickel Wound …

Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky Strings are the perfect hybrid set for those who like thick bottom strings without sacrificing the ability to solo on smaller strings. These strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specifi ions to ensure consistency optimum performance and long life.

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2018-8-8 & 0183; 7. Ernie Ball Pickey Pickeys. The Ernie Ball model is similar to our first Dunlop Nickel – but it has a narrower plectrum. These are designed to be light and yet still give that bright clear attack. The narrower plectrum tip should also be tested by the player to see how attack and finger position are effected. >> Buy from Amazon

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2019-6-12 & 0183; Material. Ernie Ball bass strings are available in three main materials each with their own variation and unique tone.. The number one selling bass string in the world our Slinky Nickel Wound has a special recipe made from a nickel plated steel roundwound wrap. They give a balanced tone that works well with all bass types and styles.

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2020-7-10 & 0183; Roto flats have a pronounced high end which gives them great clarity for high-volume rock without the clankiness that roundwounds can produce. Jazz Bass 77 Flats use a diagonally wound flat ribbon of Monel 400 a corrosion-resistant nickel/copper alloy that is more expensive to use than stainless steel.

Ernie Ball Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings are made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire. The plain strings are made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel producing a well balanced tone for your guitar.

Stainless Steel Wound Electric Guitar Single - Ernie …

.048 Stainless Steel Wound Electric Guitar Strings 6 Pack. Ernie Ball Stainless Steel Wound Electric Guitar Strings are made from stainless steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire. These strings provide brighter sound and longer …

Slinky M-Steel Electric Guitar Strings Ernie Ball

The loudest most expressive strings ever created providing increased output frequency response and strength. M-Steel short for Maraging Steel is a superalloy used in high stress appli ions for the aerospace and defense industries. The wound strings are comprised of a patented Super Cobalt alloy wrapped around a Maraging steel hex core wire producing a richer and fuller tone with

Nickel vs. Stainless Steel Frets WIRED GUITARIST

2016-7-21 & 0183; When paired with nickel strings the stainless steel frets take very little damage and wear from the friction due to the alloy being much stronger than the string alloy. On the other hand when paired with stainless steel strings the frets will wear just as quickly as nickel frets paired with nickel …

Nickel VS Stainless Steel Bass Strings - Which Is Best

Stainless Steel vs Nickel Bass Strings Bass Tone Tuesday 6:24. Comparing the sound of stainless steel and nickel bass strings using different music genres BassToneTuesday Gear: G and L Fullerton Deluxe JB D'addario Pro Steels 45-100 D'addario Nickel EXL 170 45-100 Neve RNDI

Teach me. Pure Nickel vs Nickel Plates Steel - Strings

2019-12-13 & 0183; But if the core and winding are made of the same material as each other i.e. both steel as is the case in steel-wound strings it doesn't matter what that ratio is because 100% of the string is the same material. Vs. pure nickel wraps over a steel core where the ratio of core to wrap could actually make a meaningful difference.

Nickel -wound VS stainless steel-wound strings - The …

2004-11-1 & 0183; I just ordered the GHS Semi-Flat Nickel Rockers from Elderly Instruments in Lansing MI. The Medium set is $4.25 and has 111518263650.They also carry a great selection of strings of all types. They aren't as twangy as the Ernie Ball strings not as bright as Stainless not quite as mellow as flatwounds. Very nice sounding strings on my guitars.

Ernie Ball Slinky - nickel wound or stainless steel

2010-9-7 & 0183; The nickel ones sound awesome out of the package but they die pretty quickly. As for the hybrids you can definitely tell there is a difference in sound. They sound slightly muted compared to the non-coated EB strings. They last a little longer but don't have the best sound in my opinion. As far as stainless steel strings go I've found that

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Ernie Ball essentially has three egories of bass strings: Slinky Slinky Stainless Steel and "Electric Bass Strings." Slinky are roundwound strings made from nickel with a tempered core. Roundwounds are the brighter more metallic sounding strings where you can feel the metal ridges with your hands.

Ernie Ball 纤滑镍质弦 Triple Regular Slinky 10's 3221 常规

2015-5-15 & 0183; Ernie Ball Slinky gauge combinations that today are industry standard were pioneered by our founder Ernie Ball more than 50 years ago helping shape the sound of rock n roll. Nickel Wound Slinky strings consist of nickel plated steel wrapped around a tin plated high carbon steel core for a balanced tone that compliments all guitar types and playing styles.

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Some strings use a nickel allow wrap some use various formulations of steel. Ernie Ball Cobalt's for example use a steel alloy with a small amount of cobalt which is extremely strong to create its signature sound. As wound strings get bigger both the core and the wrap increase in diameter.

Pure Nickel vs Nickel Wound Guitar Strings: What's …

2019-11-14 & 0183; Generally speaking pure nickel guitar strings are warmer are fuller in the bass register and have less mid-range content. Think of them like a string that’s already been broken-in a bit. Nickel wound guitar strings are brighter more mid-rangey and have sharper crisper attack.

The best electric guitar strings 2021: guitar string sets

2021-2-19 & 0183; The best electric guitar strings for higher-output playing. The company’s latest step in the Super Slinky alogue is the first cobalt string – a material said to provide a stronger magnetic relationship with pickups for higher output clarity and harmonic response. 14. DR Neon Multi-Color electric guitar strings.

Vergleichstest Bass-Saiten: Stainless Steel vs. Nickel

2020-5-13 & 0183; FAZIT: Stainless Steel vs. Nickel Plated Steel Nachfolgend habe ich f& 252;r euch in meinem Fazit ein paar generelle Erkenntnisse in mehreren Punkten zusammengetragen. Beachtet bitte dass diese lediglich beschreibender Natur sind - die Wertung muss jeder Spieler individuell vornehmen denn & 252;ber Geschmack l& 228;sst sich bekanntlich streiten

Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings VS Nickel Wound Slinkys - by

2016-10-18 & 0183; Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings VS Nickel Wound Slinkys - by Stel Andre 是在优酷播出的音乐高清视频于2016-10-18 23:57:04上线。视频内容简介:Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings VS Nickel Wound Slinkys - … Ernie Ball Super Slinky Nickel Round …

Ernie Ball's signature recipe consists of specific gauges and core to wrap ratios for balanced rich harmonics and that signature Slinky feel. Nickel wound Slinky bass strings consist of nickel plated steel wrapped around a tin plated high carbon steel core for a balanced tone that compliments all electric bass types and playing styles.评论数: 9145

Slinky Classic Rock n Roll Pure Nickel Wrap - Ernie Ball

Regular Slinky Classic Rock n Roll Pure Nickel Wrap Electric Guitar Strings - 10-46 Gauge. Ernie Ball Slinky Classic Rock N Roll Pure Nickel wrap electric guitar strings are made from pure nickel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire …

Fender bullet strings or ernie ball super slinkys

2016-10-18 & 0183; Hi Seven Trust.I have another question for you.Which strings would you recommend.Fender bullets or ernie ball super slinkys.Up until now i've gone with the super slinkys but I heard on a review that fender bullets fit better in their bridge slots and thus avoid tuning problems not just in normal playing but when using the tremolo arm.The reason I am asking is obvious:I cannot have tuning issues.I Ernie Ball Burly Slinky Nickelwound …

Both sets feature nickel-plated steel wrap wire around a steel plated hex core for that iconic Slinky feel and tone that players have relied on for decades. From the Manufacturer Ernie Ball welcomes two new popular gauge combinations to its world famous Slinky line of electric guitars strings.评论数: 53947

Nickel vs. Stainless Steel

2008-1-18 & 0183; Supporting Member. Jan 3 2008. New York NY. I find that stainless "feel" a bit rougher than nickel. I accidentally put a set of nickle Spector strings on my SSD recently. Since I've only strung that instrument with Stainless Steel at first I thought something …

Slinky Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings Ernie Ball

Power Slinky Stainless Steel Wound Electric Guitar Strings - 11-48 Gauge. Ernie Ball Slinky Stainless Steel Wound Electric Guitar Strings are made from stainless steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire. These strings provide brighter tone and longer string life due to stainless …

Pure Nickel vs Wound The Gear Page

2016-7-7 & 0183; Pure nickel wrap wire and nickel plated or stainless steel wrap wires just produce different sounds really. Apparently enough people prefer the pure nickel to make them a preferred product by most accounts. The difference in sounds is sort of like the difference between speakers with Alnico and ceramic magnets.

Ernie Ball 2246 Stainless Regular – Thomann France

Ernie Ball 2246 Stainless Regular. 169 Evaluations . Jeu de 6 cordes Selon les guitares je privil& 233;gie les stainless steel aux cordes plaqu& 233;es nickel. Du point de vue de la qualit& 233; de fabri ion c'est au top je n'en ai jamais cass& 233;. on ach& 232;te les moins ch& 232;re et c'est une erreur non n& 233;gligeable. J'utilise ces Ernie Ball parce que 4.5/5 169

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2019-8-21 & 0183; — Nickel: Balanced brightness and warmth — Cobalt: Wide dynamic range with increased low end and crisp highs — M-Steel: Rich and full tone with powerful low end response — Pure Nickel: Vintage output with a warm tone — Stainless Steel: Bright crisp “edgy” tone with corrosion resistance. Ernie Ball …预计阅读时间:6 分钟

Brightness comparison- Stainless Steel vs Nickel Wound

2013-1-4 & 0183; According to the product descriptions in the Stainless Steel set the plain strings are "tin plated high carbon steel" in the Nickel Wound set the plain strings are "made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel". I suspect the plain strings may be the same in both sets but I would like to know if there is any difference.OT: nickel vs stainless strings2006-7-9nickel vs. steel again 2004-3-15nickel vs. steel - Ernie Ball Forums2004-2-15Stainless vs Bronz Nickel or Whatever2003-11-28查看更多结果

Electric guitar strings comparison nickel vs cobalt

2012-5-2 & 0183; Likewise pure nickel strings such as D'Addario's sets themselves a throwback to the earliest electric guitars might not fit all styles.You get less magnetic bite and a warm glowy tone that suits retro rock and blues – but bright country and vintage pop players like me in search of a little more twangling and jangling may need to keep the steel in their strings to avoid feeling somewhat

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