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Shogun: Total War - Warlord Edition FAQ/Strategy …

2003-7-27 & 0183; Shogun: Total War - Warlord Edition FAQ/Strategy Guide . by Fallon Updated to v2.09 on Jul 27 2003 Updated to v2.09 on Jul 27 2003


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Shogun: Total War // FAQ на

gold since I don't think Dutch and Portuguese would have that much use for rice overwhelming / swamping = fighting one enemy unit with more than one of yours eg: 2:1 minor swamp 5:1 major swamp 10:1 Super swamp 15:1 etc though Kensai are naturally swamped to really swamp a kensai you need 180 : 1 with kensai as 1 for a good chance to defeat

Hotfixes: March 4 2021 — World of Warcraft — …

2020-11-24 & 0183; March 1 2021. Dungeons and Raids. Castle Nathria. Lady Inerva Darkvein With regional restarts Healers are now chosen as a last resort target of Shared Suffering and Concentrate Anima on Raid Finder Normal and Heroic difficulties. With regional restarts The ambient damage of Loose Anima for open containers has been reduced on Raid Finder Normal and Heroic difficulties.

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2021-4-16 & 0183; Hello everyone ChuKoNoob here for AOE2 Civ Concepts LLC and this week u/anatarion and I are back with another weekly civ concept: the Khazars As always we try our best to make them at least somewhat faithful to history while still having unique civ bonuses a distinctly aoe2 play-style and of course a balanced power level.

Wheelbarrow Age of Empires II Age of Empires …

2021-5-12 & 0183; Wheelbarrow is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Town Center once the Feudal Age is reached. Once researched it allows Villagers to carry 25% more resources 13 instead of 10 actually 30% more and move 10% faster.. Hand Cart is the further upgrade of this technology.. Wheelbarrow is a crucial economical upgrade and should be researched in any game.

Achievement Guide and Roadmap - Age of Empires II

2020-8-17 & 0183; Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition This is a work in progress and is likely to remain that way for a while mostly just using it to write notes as I obtain achievements Overview: - Estimated

java - create random mines for a minesweeper game - …

2016-3-18 & 0183; If the size of x is 20 and your random x is also 20 you will have an IndexOutOfBoundsException. Change it to: int random x = x.get new Random .nextInt x.size - 1 ; int random y = y.get new Random .nextInt y.size - 1 ; Which will give you a random number between 0 and 19 if the size is 20.query optimization - MySQL NOT IN rewrite to LEFT JOIN 2016-12-14How do I read this particular *.DAT file 2013-2-11查看更多结果

Age of Empires Online Achievement Guide and Road …

Each tier has gold/wood/stone that you can gather as well as some gold and stone hidden by some trees more or less rewarding people who keep that tier long enough to chop the wood back to them as

BTS - Several miscellaneous questions CivFanatics …

2021-1-8 & 0183; 5. It's really random sometimes they bee line it sometimes they don't. Sometimes you have teching gods like mansa and sometimes you have warmongers. From experience it can go in deity any time from 2000BC to 1AD Usually around 1000-1500BC they start to get it. On immortal it can go 2000BC to 500AD usually around 1200-800BC they start to get

Gold Age of Empires Series Wiki Fandom

TradeMarketRelicsCaravansGod PowersTrade Boats and Merchant Shipscan be created at the dock. These can be tasked to visit other players' docks where they will convert food wood or stone to gold.在ageofempires.fandom.com上查看更多信息视频时长: 3 分钟

Question - What old games hold their own against …

2021-2-6 & 0183; 52. 620. Feb 2 2021. 1. Rules are it has to have been published before Jan 1st 2011 i.e. 10 years or older and it in your opinion still holds it's own against modern games. For me I'd go with Company of Heroes. I still think this ranks as one of if not the …

Gold and Triggers increasing the amount of gold in a …

2009-4-15 & 0183; It's easy.Just put you mine on the map and double-click on it and there's a line Gold amount and you can set it. GiveGold. Events. Unit - A unit enters *REGION*. Conditions. Entering unit Equal to Random unit from Units owned by Owner of Entering unit Actions. Player - Set Owner of Entering unit Current gold to Owner of Entering

Civilization 4 - PC games

2010-3-1 & 0183; Mines will increase the production of the tile - your city uses the hammers production units in Civ 4 to build the unit or building. More mines means more production for the city. However you also need 2 food for each citizen and hills only give 1 food for grass/hills or no food for plains/hills so you might find your city stagnant if you

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2020-1-11 & 0183; Thanks for contributing an answer to Game Development Stack Exchange Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research But avoid … Asking for help clarifi ion or responding to other answers. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Use MathJax to format equations.

Medieval Christendom – Asinus Docet

Posts about Medieval Christendom written by Asinus Docet. * Michel Pastoureau “Une fleur pour le roi. Jalons pour une histoire m& 233;di& 233;vale de la fleur de lis” in Une histoire symbolique du Moyen & 194;ge occidental.Paris: Seuil 2004 p.110-124 quotes the manuscript Paris BnF fr. 22912 f. 3v and writes “crapaulx” toads instead of “croissans” crescents but this is a

Trade Cart Age of Empires Series Wiki Fandom

OverviewComparison to The Trade CogCivilization BonusesTeam BonusesChangelogTriviaTrade Carts are used to trade and generate gold by traveling between two Markets. Trade Carts do not actually engage in the exchanging of resources between two civilizations. Empty Trade Carts travel to another player's Market empty-handed and return with gold. They receive their gold from the Markets of other players/allies and deposit them at the Markets of their owners. The amount of gold gained depends on the distance from one Market to another. The farther away the Market is the more gold the Trade C…

Civ 6 tier list gathering storm -

Civ 6 : Tier-list des civilisations. 1 Added in Ethiopia Pack 23 July 2020 Summary: Rise and Fall expansion mid-game Mines Governors City Optimisation Korea comes back from Civilization V as a scientific civ though with a less pronounced advantage in Aug 27 2020 & 183; Civilization VI's August 2020 update is now available.

Gold Mine Age of Empires Series Wiki Fandom

2021-5-15 & 0183; Gold Mines in Age of Mythology are quite common and all human military units require gold to be produced. Any worker unit can mine gold from a Gold Mine although Dwarves are the game's most efficient miners. Worshipers of Thor have access to the Dwarven Mine god power wich creates a gold mine at the lo ion specified by the player.视频时长: 3 分钟

Heroes Community - Rimgrabbers Vision for HoMM 8 …

2020-5-26 & 0183; Heroes Community - discussion forum for Heroes of Might and Magic 2 3 4 5 6 7 players featuring the latest Might and Magic Heroes VII news.

Installation Guide - UserPatch v1.5

2019-2-27 & 0183; Trees mines and more are now properly repli ed by the map copy feature. Change the names of units in a specific area without having to preselect. Use negative numbers more freely with trigger conditions and effects. New reverse condition checkbox to invert your scenario trigger conditions.

Per i nostalgiciAOE

2Per i nostalgiciAOE2. Messaggi OFF LINE. Giulio.1985. Post: 2.166. Moirarchos. 0 0 13/06/2012 13:27. Re: Re: Star craft & 232; un gioco di strategia eccezionale sar& 224; che la maggior parte dei gio ori t war non & 232; un amante della vera strategia ma ben piu della storia?

Game Cheat Code: January 2010

2021-4-21 & 0183; Gold Mines you can use Pause Break to pause game play. Then all the Plenty Vaults or Gold Mines can be put one over the other. Many Plenty Vaults at the same lo ion will give an enormous gain of space and give the same amount of resources. Many Gold Mines can be placed like a linked barrier to stop enemies. Many Gaia Forests can be

Starcraft vs Warcraft - Ars Technica OpenForum

2002-8-21 & 0183; I say Starcraft = Warcraft. Both of em are equally engrossing and well they are basically the same game in different time and space. View image: /infopop/emoticons

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2014-3-7 & 0183; Mark Serrels. Published 7 years ago: March 8 2014 at 8:30 am -. Filed to: Regulars. talk amongst yourselves. clear This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already

Coin Age of Empires Series Wiki Fandom

Acquiring CoinGather RatesHome City Consulate and Native shipmentsCoin can be found and acquired through a large number of ways some depending on the civilization that a player chooses.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion - Guide …

2017-4-21 & 0183; By now your gold and stone mines have probably run out so send all your miners south of the now ruined Milan follow the road across the bridge then look south of the end of the bridge to find lots more gold. There's no more stone in the level though so buy what you need from the market. Hopefully you left Milan's market standing too.

List of Gold Stocks Australia Gold Mining …

Comprehensive list of Gold companies listed in Australia including company profiles charts stock quotes news and user commentary. Gold Mining Companies Listed In Australia Category/Country Filter

Steam Festival demos: RTS and city builders Rock …

2020-6-19 & 0183; The best Steam Festival demos: RTS and city builders. Two thirds of these games are about dwarves or pharaohs. Since the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition has so many demos in it we've all run off to harvest our own little crop to recommend picking different genres as our guiding principle. As ever though the concept of "genre" has

Age of Kings Heaven - The Blacksmith Vampire …

2012-4-2 & 0183;  gold rush - Pile of stone instead of stone mine. - New temples hay stack bug fixed. - p5 granite wall spell fixed. - Plague spell send message when used. - When vampires win Lilith is not only going to win. - Some minor terrain edited. v13 updated - Pile of stone was a bad idea now normal stone mines - Gold rush fixed - p5 vampire raze

Age of Empires II Video Game - TV Tropes

Age of Empires II full name: Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is the second installment of the Age of Empires series. It was developed by Ensemble Studios and released by Microsoft in 1999 for Microsoft Windows.. The game retains most of the mechanics and features of Age of Empires: players must build a civilization starting from the initial Dark Age and progress through the Feudal Age

This Week I Played April 2021 - Twenty Sided

2021-4-13 & 0183; This is another entry in the recent trend of 90s retro shooters. Like contemporaries Dusk STRAFE Ion Fury Amid Evil Devil Daggers WRATH: Aeon of Ruin and to a lesser extent Get to the Orange Door this game rummages through the big toybox of classic 90s gameplay looking for what elements it wants to preserve and what it wants to change.. A lot of these games have the “problem

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The gold problem however is easily solved in team games: build markets and trade make up for depleted gold mines All of a sudden Incas become a great support civilization in a team game because their counter options cheaper towers and castles can substantially help defend your teammate bases while they move forward for a knockout.

Make Your Move 18 - Top Fifty Is Posted Page 8

2016-10-31 & 0183; This does not stack on top of itself but it can be used before the five seconds are up to restart the timer. The foe will be blamed for turning that minion into gold summoning a guard. This can effectively "heal" guards by replacing them with new ones. This also produces the golden statue on the stage which can function as a wall against

How to Set up Your Own Gold Mine - Insider

2009-11-12 & 0183; Water is an essential for mining gold. The powdery ore is mixed with water to create slurry from which gold is isolated. Mines consume so much water that the water table gets affected.

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2014-11-20 & 0183; Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves AKA ‘TAY’. Organise meet-ups talk about games talk about anything you want Consider this the unofficial Kotaku …


If gold mines could somehow be brought back to the TC like Relics can then minimum distance to gold mines is much more of a factor. But as long as players have to control the territory around gold mines you should always have a chance at getting your share when playing against a person of even skill. If you claim that your opponent can hold 5

Most hours put into a game? -

2009-1-31 & 0183; Jan 31 2009. My super nostalgic and infinitely awesome Pokemon Gold level a while back had at least 130 hours put into it. Runner up is San Andreas which was about 1 hour 10 minutes. Oblivion is third with 95 hours and 35 minutes. Newgrounds Club / profile.

Best 3 Civs Team Combos in a 3v3 Game - Age of …

-3 gold mines one villager one tc build a tc next to each gold mine maybe even two TC's next to the big one. -Wood build 3 TC's within a mildly close range to eachother to protect from future raids build 10 villagers ea and set the gather point in the forest somewhere.

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2021-5-16 & 0183; IO Games are a genre of free realtime multiplayer online games that you can play in your browser without needing to install anything or create an account. The first io game was IO is a domain extension which stands for "Indian Ocean" but it is a favored domain extension by game developers because it also stands for "in / out."

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