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Replacing broken Eheim impeller shaft - YouTube

11/10/2013& 0183;& 32;A quick DIY I decided to film.作者: Mikaila Conway

KLR 650 part 2 - Broken impeller shaft / water pump - YouTube

26/12/2018& 0183;& 32;KLR 650 part 2 - Broken impeller shaft / water pump - YouTube. KLR 650 part 2 - Broken impeller shaft / water pump. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If …作者: Mike Crossland

broken impeller shaft Trouble Free Pool

15/06/2015& 0183;& 32;I just bought a new impeller for my summer escapes f1500c pool pump and the ceramic impeller in the center broke this is the second time this has happened to me last time i was trying to fix the pump and my boyfriend dropped it and broke it I am not going to buy a new impeller again, they aren't cheap. but i can't find a replacement impeller shaft anywhere does anyone know where i can find one or what i can do to fix …Pentair pump casing cracked01/09/2019Impeller Keeps Breaking Trouble Free Pool15/08/2014cleaned pool, impeller jammed?21/05/2012Would this work for an Intex pump with broken impeller?22/07/2009查看更多结果

Snapped KLR650 impeller shaft. What's the drill and tap fix?

22/12/2020& 0183;& 32;Most likely I filed the shaft face flat, center punched it and drilled the hole as minimal as needed. I probably then used a bottom tap and secured it with locktite and a locking washer. Only picture I can find from back then is after finding the broken shaft.


To understand how and when to apply various impeller repair techniques , it is first appropriate to understand the basis for the original design of the equipment. Centrifugal compressors transform mechanical shaft energy into pressure by imparting kinetic energy velocity to the gas through a continuous rotating motion.

Impeller Shaft - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Record shaft, impeller eye, or blade tip, and balance piston seal clearances. Top and bottom can be done by lead wire, and right- and left-side clearances by feeler gauge. Maximum and minimum clearances can be found in the operating manual. For open-wheel impellers and axial compressors, blade clearance to stationary hardware can be critical.

Cast Iron Repair Projects

Metal Locking Service is a one-stop shop for equipment repair. Extreme operating conditions along with significant erosion caused the shaft on this cast iron impeller to snap. The broken shaft was removed and a replacement was press fit in place. These two connecting rods came to …

7 Reasons Centrifugal Pump Shafts Break

Imbalance creates problems while the pump is running, though the shaft will measure straight if stopped. It's a source of vibration and will reduce machine, bearing, and mechanical seal life. Impeller imbalance is caused by: New, never balanced impeller; Trimmed and not balanced impeller; Foreign object stuck in vanes; Vanes bent or out of plane

Fixing impeller? - DIY Projects - Nano-Reef Community

07/05/2007& 0183;& 32;Well my Maxi-Jet 500 just broke down, the metal piece and the plastic part which hooks on to the blade part popped apart it seems. in other words the main parts still spin but it dosent get out into the blades. Would it be possible to fix this using epoxy? its basicly two flat surfaces that have Replacement pump for Waterbox 1012/05/2019Coral RX or Lugol's Solution or Both?18/05/2013VorTech MP10 Impeller Broke? 18/04/2010Reviving a used acrylic tank16/06/2009查看更多结果

Why Can’t I Remove My Impeller from My Pump Shaft?

For example, “somehow or another, the threads break either on the shaft or the impeller, they get crossed, and you can’t get the impeller to break loose,” Bentley said. “If you inspect the threads and they look damaged or broken, clean them up. Use a pencil …

Pump Impeller Screw Failure - CR4 Discussion Thread

24/02/2020& 0183;& 32;Re: Pump Impeller Screw Failure. 08/16/2010 7:26 PM. Pump is a 3" suction, 2 1/2" discharge. Impeller is 10 1/2" diameter. Impeller is 316ss, casing is cast iron, shaft is 1040 steel. Pumps are running at 3600 rpm. The pumps are lo ed in a truck wash with no controls and 50 or 60 year old system.

How To Fix Water Pump That Will Not Pump Water -

The impeller is essentially a fan inside of the pump that rotates and pumps the water. The fins on an impeller can wear over time, lessening the pumps ability to pump at full capacity. Allowing unfiltered water to enter the pump housing can also damage the impeller, as dirt and other debris can speed up the wear of this component. If the impeller on your pump wears down, it can be can be accessed and …

Repair, Overhaul and Upgrade of Vertical Turbine Pumps Pumps …

31/12/2007& 0183;& 32;Basically, a repair is the simplest, least-involved way of "fixing" a pump, typically caused by a non-recurring accidental event, such as a broken shaft, failed seal, and so on. An overhaul is more involved. It may include changeover of all the bushings and shafts, reestablishing register fits, restoring impeller clearances, and similar work. An upgrade will include repair and overhaul work, but typically …

How To Repair A Noisy Washer - Washing Machine Repair

Now you can check if the pump impeller is being impeded by debris, or see if it’s worn or broken. Try turning the impeller with your hand to check if it has seized up. If yours is a front-loader, the drain pump will have the motor attached; if that’s the case the whole pump and motor assembly can be replaced. Once you have cleaned or replaced the impellor or motor you can replace the hose, fix the clamps on …

What To Do When Pond Pump Impeller Is Not Spinning

21/05/2018& 0183;& 32;What Is The Impeller? The impeller in a pond pump is the component that spins and helps to move and draw the water into it and then pushes it back out, so it is crucial to the pump working properly. What Happens When The Impeller Stops Spinning Or Spins Less? Impellers in pond pumps require regular cleaning and maintenance and therefore, if you have a problem with your pump …

04 gtx sc drive shaft/impeller shaft problems Sea-Doo Forum

06/11/2007& 0183;& 32;04 sea doo gtx sc. Oct 25, 2007. 11. Try $1300 for the dealer to fix. I NOT doing that. Online discounted parts about $580., less the impeller. This sucks.

Intex Spa Pump Impeller Shaft and Bushings ? Affordable ? Owner Repair …

or can remove old impeller bushings with a simple hand press. *** you can now repair your spa pump impeller and install our new stainless new pump shaft. and remove your pump pressed in wore out spa pump impeller bushings, and broken shaft. or you can have your impeller machined** to fit our new impeller bushings and shaft at a machine shop. optional *** your choice. ----- this solves a common …

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Repair broken iron shaft mechanic mechanicjack ironshaft Shaft Customer Questions and Answers

02/04/2015& 0183;& 32;On the bottom of the unit, there is the motor for circulation. Disconnect it and take apart. Inside you will probably find that the ceramic shaft for the impeller is broken. You could spend 50 bucks for a new one only to have the same thing happen again. Easy fix: 10d 3 inch finishing nail is all you need. Grind the head down to same diameter

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fix broken impeller shaft