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McCall's fail safe thickening gel. Instant clear jel is a food starch that thickens food instantly without cooking. Unlike other starches, it works in cold water and retains a smooth consistency during the heating process, it is heat and acid resistant. Instant Clearjel will not add color to your food, it becomes clear …用户评级: 4.2/5

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Do not spoon it alone, into wet ingredients, when added improperly, it instantly clumps into globules of gel. Instant ClearJel& 174; ICJ is a wonderful thickener "Cold-Swelling" Modified Food Starch, particularly best known for thickening commercially baked pies. ICJ provides great to excellent, economical, clear, and thick results in many types of recipes, with either cold or heated preparation.

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ClearJel has slightly more thickening power than flour, so if your recipe calls for flour as a thickener, use the same amount of Clearjel, or slightly less. If the recipe calls for cornstarch or tapioca, use the same amount of Clearjel. To prevent clumping, be sure to mix Clearjel with the sugar in the recipe before combining with fruit.用户评级: 4.7/5

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Combine sugar and instant clearjel. Whisk juices into clearjel blending til smooth and thickened. Fold in pineapple and place mixture in pre-baked pie crust. Combine the remaining ingredients and sprinkle over pineapple. Place in oven and bake at 350& 186;F for 10-15 minutes until topping crunchy and brown.

ClearJel or Clear Gel is the Best to Thicken Juicy Pie

Instant Clear Jel does not need to be cooked to thicken your pie filling. It will start to thicken as soon as a liquid is added like water, milk and juices. Instant Clear Jel will give your filling a smooth texture without being gummy when fully hydrated. Instant ClearJel – Is good for …

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instant clear gel thickener