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2021-5-11 & 0183; The Comstock Lode is one of the most important mining discoveries in American history in output and in significance. It was the first major silver discovery in United States history: of the total ore taken out from the district best estimates are that 57 per cent was silver yet it was a considerable gold camp given that the remaining 42 per cent was of that metal.

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Rebirth of the Comstock Lode. Bob Moriarty Archives Oct 29 2010. Where over 400 different mining companies once fought to extract high-grade silver and gold ore from the Comstock Lode in Virginia City Nevada one company exists today.The company owns six miles of the seven-mile strike length where claims were priced per running foot of strike.

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2021-5-11 & 0183; The Comstock Lode was fully mined by 1898 and the city once again took a sharp decline. During the years from 1859 to 1919 more than 700 million dollars in gold and silver taken from the mines of the Comstock Lode which mines’ were excavated to as much as 3200 feet.

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The first of these was the famous Comstock Lode lo ed in Virginia City Nevada. This deposit produced massive quantities of silver from 1860 until the mid 1880s. As the Comstock Lode's production began to taper in the late 1870s Leadville Colorado replaced it as the United State's premier silver …

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Map of the Comstock Lode and the Washoe Mining Claims 1873 This stunning map of the mining claims was published in 1873 the same year the Consolidated Virginia combine "excavated a hole 1167 feet into the earth and found the 'Big Bonanza' a vein fifty-four feet wide filled with gold and silver." Bryant The Bonanza vein is shown at the

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A Tribute to the Biggest Silver Strike in US history. This marker pays tribute to the many mines of the Comstock Lode. The unimaginable wealth that poured out of the Comstock financed the Union army in the Civil war built the opulence of San Francisco affected world markets and financed institutions that still affect the way we. live today.4/536 条 TripAdvisor 评论

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Site NameCommodityDepositStructureAlterationsRocksMaterialsCommentsReferencesPrimary: Comstock Lode Secondary: Consolidated Virginia Secondary: Chollar Secondary: Crown Point Secondary: Ophir Secondary: Savage Secondary: Potosi Secondary: Yellow Jacket Secondary: California Secondary: C and C Secondary: Challenge and Confidence Secondary: Hale and Norcross Secondary: Union Secondary: Mexican Secondary:Gould and Curry

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2020-10-29 & 0183; The Comstock Lode is a lode of silver ore lo ed under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson a peak in the Virginia Range in Nevada then western Utah Territory .It was the first major discovery of silver ore in the United States.. After the discovery was made public in 1859 it sparked a silver rush of prospectors to the area scrambling to stake their claims.

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The Discovery of SilverLarge Mining Begins in The Comstock LodeModern Mining in NevadaGold was first discovered in Gold Canyon in 1850 by Mormon emigrants on their way to California but because of the success stories from miners in California they did not mine the area and opted to try their luck in California. Some other emigrants also found some gold at the site but took little interest. It was not until 1852 that about 100 miners worked the Gold Canyon placers. More miners came later finding gold further north near what i…在raregoldnuggets.com上查看更多信息预计阅读时间:4 分钟

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2020-1-24 & 0183; Worldwide mined silver ore accounts for just a quarter of all new production much silver is recycled . The rest is a by-product of mining for gold lead copper and zinc. The state of Nevada site of the historic Comstock Lode the richest US silver discovery ever produces around a third of all domestic silver leading the pack.

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2013-3-8 & 0183; — The company that returned gold and silver mining to the Comstock Lode has made a discovery reminiscent of the bonanza ore deposits that made …

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Peak production from the Comstock occurred in 1877 with the mines producing over $14000000 of gold and $21000000 of silver that year about $329393750 and $494090625 today ." During its heyday the area around Virginia City was mapped repeatedly and for different purposes.

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2016-5-18 & 0183; Comstock Lode which is the largest source of silver ore in the United States. The Comstock Lode was discovered in 1859 and initially mined for gold and silver ore was not mined out of it until it was determined by Henry Comstock John Bishop Aleck Henderson and Jack Yount that the blue color in the sand was silver ore Glasscock pg. 36 .

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2020-2-13 & 0183; There was Pikes Peak in Colorado which yielded gold and silver in 1859 but perhaps the most significant discovery was that of the Comstock Lode in Nevada which would turn out to be the largest silver strike ever in the U.S. The Gold Rush in California began in 1849 and at first was a small personal endeavor. Single prospectors or relatively

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Silver Mining in History. The story of silver mining began about 5000 years ago. Silver was first mined around 3000 BCE in Anatolia now lo ed in modern-day Turkey. The precious metal helped early civilizations in the Near East Ancient Greece to flourish. In about 1200 BCE the center of silver production shifted to Greece’s Laurium

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2020-8-17 & 0183; In the peak years of 1876–78 silver ore worth about $36000000 was extracted annually. Production declined sharply thereafter and the rich lower levels of the lode were flooded in 1882. Virginia City and the other mining towns disappeared or …进一步探索Comstock Lode - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.orgComstock Lode – Creating Nevada History – Legends of www.legendsofamerica.comThe Comstock Lode Mining Maps and Views - Spotlight at exhibits.stanford.eduHomestead Act - Definition Dates and Significance - HISTORYwww.history.comSand Creek massacre - HISTORYwww.history.com根据热度为您推荐 反馈

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2017-4-5 & 0183; The silver find was named the Comstock lode and as it was mined it produced as much as $8000000 worth of silver per month---at a time when a dollar was a considerable amount of money. A political boondoggle

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2015-5-26 & 0183; How the Comstock Silver Lode Changed Mining Forever. The year is 1857. The setting – a lonely mountain peak in Nevada’s Virginia Range. A sheepherder and prospector by the name of Henry Comstock investigates a large deposit two brothers Evan and Hosea Grosh had recently discovered before their untimely deaths.

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How much gold and silver came out of the Comstock Lode? The ore the precious metal value of which was 54 percent from gold and 46 percent from silver lasted only four years. The Consolidated Virginia bonanza was discovered at the 1200-foot 365-m level in March 1873.

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2015-5-26 & 0183; In all roughly 7 million tons of ore were extracted from the Comstock Lode between 1860 and 1880 producing $320000000 worth of silver and gold. That figure …预计阅读时间:3 分钟

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2018-5-18 & 0183; The mine flourished until 1865 and again between 1873 and 1882 — when the "Big Bonanza" a super-rich ore vein yielded more than $100 million. By 1882 near the end of the Comstock Lode's greatest activity it had yielded $397 million in ore and had produced half of the United States ' silver output during the period.

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The Comstock Lode is a lode of silver ore lo ed under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson a peak in the Virginia Range in Virginia City Nevada then western Utah Territory which was the first major discovery of silver ore in the United States and named after American miner Henry Comstock.

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2018-6-6 & 0183; Over the next two years Mackay mined more than $1.6 million worth of gold and silver from the tiny Kentuck a sum that in those days had an emotional impact roughly equivalent to $375 million

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2021-5-4 & 0183; The Comstock Lode in the 1860-80s was rife with stock swindlers and scheisters who couldn't hold a candle to Comstock CEO Corrado de Gasparis. and Silver …

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Tonogold estimates the Comstock’s average true width at 50 meters. The separate claims of the Comstock Lode delineated by the vertical lines running from the Caledonia and the Overman to the Union Con. and the Sierra Nevada on this 1875 map. Through most of its history the Comstock Lode has been divided up into about two dozen individual mines.

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Much of the gold came from lodes but some placers were worked by the Chinese as early as the 1870’s. Gold and silver are abundant throughout Nevada. Many of the smaller counties surrounding Reno and Carson City have excellent mining opportunities. In Storey County the famous Comstock Lode produced fabulous amounts of both silver and gold.

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2009-7-7 & 0183; In the rip-roaring true saga of the Comstock Lode Dennis Drabelle skillfully brings to life silver-mining in the late-nineteenth-century American West. The immense wealth extracted from the Lode spurred the growth of San Francisco and Virginia City the hell-raising town that sprang up above the mines was the inspiration for the TV series 评论数: 9

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The Comstock Lode is a lode of silver ore lo ed under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson a peak in the Virginia Range in Virginia City Nevada then western Utah Territory which was the first major discovery of silver ore in the United States and named after American miner Henry Comstock.

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Gold and silver mining in Tonopah was at its peak production between 1912 and 1923 long after most of the mining districts throughout the West had long since been forgotten. 1913 was the most profitable year in terms of total mineral production with about $10 million dollars-worth of gold silver lead and copper being mined.

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2021-5-11 & 0183; Comstock Lode – Creating Nevada History. One of the most important mining discoveries in American History the Comstock Lode in Nevada was the first major silver discovery in the United States and virtually ended the California Gold Rush. Discovered under what would become one of the most important gold camps in the West – Virginia City on

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comment deposit : vein along silver city lode with much branching. comment deposit : in the 1870's the dayton shaft was sunk to about 900 feet deep with crosscuts to the 700 ft level. a considerable tonnage was mined on the upper levels and the ore analganated. in 1932 near-surface ore was profitably mined milling in custom mills.

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How much gold and silver came from the Comstock Lode? In lodes underground. Where was most of the gold lo ed in the goldfields? Virginia City. What was the name of the Comstock boomtown? Vigilantes. How was justice enforced in some boomtowns? Children. What …

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2019-6-12 & 0183; The Comstock Lode US 1130 was issued for the 100th anniversary of the discovery in 1859. It pictures Comstock O’Reilly and McLaughlin. Click image to order. June 12 1859 is generally accepted as the re-discovery date of the Comstock Lode. Mormon immigrants first found gold in the area in the spring of 1850.

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2021-5-8 & 0183; Silver mining in the United States began on a major scale with the discovery of the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1858. The industry suffered greatly from the demonetization of silver in 1873 by the Coinage Act of 1873 known pejoratively as the "Crime of 73" but silver mining continues today.

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2020-7-28 & 0183; The Comstock Lode produced over 8 million ounces of gold and nearly 200 million ounces of silver between 1859 and 1890.

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2021-5-5 & 0183; Comstock Lode History The Comstock lode district is profoundly historic in that over 400 companies were once involved in a booming mining supply chain with over 230 mills operating in the district. The area produced almost 200 million ounces of silver and over 8 million ounces of gold in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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The Comstock Lode: The Comstock Lode refers to a rich discovery of silver made in Nevada before the American Civil War. The discovery of silver in Nevada resulted in a huge increase in the


2010-9-21 & 0183; Silver City faults from both of which large ore bodies have been mined* The Silver City fault may be a branch of the Cornstock* A fault similar to these but less extensively mineralized is the Occidental. There are many other southern portion of the Comstock Lode Nevada: Nevada Univ Bull. vol 30 no. 9 1936.

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Comstock Lode over $340 million in gold and silver was found and mined in Nevada partially populated the state of Nevada. over $340 million in gold and silver was found and mined in Nevada partially populated the state of Nevada

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Struck from silver mined from the famous Comstock Lode coins like these jingled in the pockets of sheriffs outlaws tle barons and gamblers as they tamed the Wild West. HIGH SILVER CONTENT – Each coin is struck in an ounce of 90% fine silver.

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