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Nickel sulfide is an insoluble carcinogen which is thought to act through the production of free radicals. Implanted nickel sulfide into C57BL/6 mice induced malignant fibrous histiocytomas and all tumors demonstrated hypermethylation of the tumor suppressor gene p16 Govindarajan et al., 2002 . Nickel also affects histone modifi ion.

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In general, production of nickel from sulfide ores involves either open cut or underground mining, followed by concentration via flotation, smelting of concentrates to produce a nickel matte, finally leading to refining of matte to produce a pure metal. It is common for mines, smelters and refineries to be in


At ALTA 2019 Linico’s RoastPAL Process was introduced as a means to synergistically combine sulphide processing with conventional nickel laterite HPAL processing. It was proposed that bulk sulphide concentrates with nickel and/or cobalt content can be considered for generation of sulphuric acid and steam for use in the

Renforth’s sulfide nickel play showing huge promise

19.02.2021& 0183;& 32;Historically, most nickel was produced from sulfide ores, including the giant >10 million tonnes Sudbury deposits in Ontario, Norilsk in Russia and the Bushveld Complex in South Africa, known for its platinum group elements PGEs .

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Laterite-Nickel Ore: Cuba, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Vietnam and Brazil. Nickel Sulphide ore: Canada, Russia, Australia, China and South Africa, etc. Major nickel producing countries: Indonesia, Russia, China, Canada, Cuba, Australia, Philippines, New Caledonia.


A process for the production of nickel sulfate which comprises reacting nickel carbonyl, sulfur dioxide and oxygen together to form a mixture of nickel sulfate, nickel sulfite and nickel oxide, converting the nickel sulfite and nickel oxide to nickel sulfate and recovering the thus produced nickel sulfate.Cited by: 4

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nickel sulfide production